Thursday, 22 November 2012

Popular Funny Ringtones Application

Popular Funny Ringtones

Launched new Android App 'Popular Funny Ringtone'.

Personalize your phone's sounds with this great application!

A high-quality Funny Ringtone APP!
The most popular Funny Ringtone on the market, It provides 60+ funny sounds or music. Some of the ringtones will make you laugh, very funny! you will get your favourite ringtone.Popular Funny Ringtones contains more funny audios. It can be set as phone contact ringtone, SMS ringtone and Alarm ringtone.

- Set as ringtone, assign to contacts
- Set as alarm and timer sound
- Set as SMS ringtone
- Set as notification ringtone
- move to SD card.

How to Use
* Tap/touch the ringtone icon to play the ringtone
* Press for options including saving as a default ringtone, assign the ringtone to a contact, set as notification, Alarm etc.
* Press Menu key for even more options such as Ringtone and App preferences.


Enjoy !!! :)